Thursday, June 4, 2020


Company Energy

Companies are highly active as part of their sustainable development programs. Their efforts are increasing annually towards climate change along with the role of the ‘WEF’. Hence, they have the responsibility of reducing their carbon intensity fast. The carbon intensity means the amount of CO2 that they emit per unit of production. It is necessary for the reduction that companies put a price on emissions per unit. Also, as part of their CSR activities, they must actively monitor and maintain the climate-related risks. Also, increase combined efforts to achieve a 1.5 to 2degree Centigrade of World climate.

Perceived with a cost or a trade-off, Climate Action is taken in most cases with a different perspective. New and diverse business models are adopted by companies and MNCs. These are the companies that are given the opportune moment to work for climate change agendas. These business models should contribute to achieving a low carbon economy. In addition to this the capitalization of the new value pools for ‘green’ products and services. By green products, we mean those promoting climate change and environmentally friendly products i.e. good for the environment.

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